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Jaime Aldo Mens Black Classic Slip On Dress Loafers Shoes Black 2r6yfO
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Jaime Aldo Mens Black Classic Slip On Dress Loafers Shoes Black 2r6yfO Jaime Aldo Mens Black Classic Slip On Dress Loafers Shoes Black 2r6yfO Jaime Aldo Mens Black Classic Slip On Dress Loafers Shoes Black 2r6yfO Jaime Aldo Mens Black Classic Slip On Dress Loafers Shoes Black 2r6yfO
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Boston Public Library, Copley Square, Boston

By the time it was acquired by the Boston Public Library, no one knew it had been stolen from the Archivio di Stato, only that itmight have originated at the Scuola on Valverde.And so it remainedsafely ensconced at the Library for more than fifty years, under the shelf mark MS f Med. 203.

Fast forward to 2012. After conducting my research and consulting with Lyle Humphrey, I knew we could prove that this was indeedone of the manuscripts that had gone missing from the Venetian Archivio di Stato in the late 1940s. I reported my findings to the Keeper of Manuscripts at the Boston Public Library, who immediately reached out to the Italian government with an offer to repatriate the manuscript. But repatriation, even when voluntary,is a complicated business, involving lawyers and treaties and multiple government agencies on both sides. After a lengthy and mandatoryinvestigation by the United States Department of Homeland Security, an investigationtowhichI contributedas a consultant, the manuscript – along with several other items (including BPL MS pb Med. 147 , a detached frontispiece from a different mariegola) – was returned to the Italian government in a repatriation ceremony that took place at the Boston Public Library on April 19, 2017.

The repatriation was a formal,choreographed affair (photos below), with speeches by a representative of the Italian government, the acting District Attorney, the regional head of Homeland Security (which oversees such investigations), Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, and the Boston Public Library’s Head of Special Collections, Beth Prindle. Official Certificates of Transfer were signed by officials of both countries, hands were shaken, and photos were taken. It is a bittersweet moment for those who have cared for this manuscript during the decades it spent in Boston, and also bittersweet for me, since I spent several years studying and handling and cataloguing this beautiful and fascinating book. It’s always hard to say goodbye to an old friend, but I’m proud to have a played a small part in sending this manuscript home.

It’s hard to say goodbye!
The United States team of attorneys and Homeland Security agents who handled the case
The books awaiting repatriation
The Certificates of Transfer are officially signed
Boston Mayor Marty Walsh examining the Mariegola with a representative of the Italian government

The Repatriation ceremony (hover over or click each image for captions)


Cecchetti, B. La vita dei veneziani nel 1300 (Venice, 1885–1886. Reprint, Bologna: Arnaldo Forni, 1980), pp. 132–133, and tav. III figs. 5, 7; tav. IV figs. 10–13, 16–19, 21–24.

Cheney, E. “Remarks on the Illuminated Official Manuscripts of the Venetian Republic” in Philobiblon Society Miscellanies XI (1867–68), pp. 14-17.

By editor Jul 6, 2018
Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.
By editor Jul 6, 2018
Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.


By Finn Comfort Womens Malaga Sandals Buggy Black iPaHKy
Jul 5, 2018

The Trump administration's practice of separating children from their parents at the border is not just heartbreaking to other immigrants but also terrifying. Even immigrants who are in the country legally are beginning to worry that their families could be broken apart, too.

The anti-immigrant threats and actions have many Hispanic Americans in particular living on edge.

Tears immediately start streaming down the cheeks of Sarah, a Mexican immigrant, when she is asked about watching recent news stories on TV.

By editor Jul 5, 2018
Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.

We're now going to turn to Myron Ebell. He led Donald Trump's EPA transition team, and he's on the line with us now. Thank you for joining us.

MYRON EBELL: Thank you, Ailsa.

By editor Jul 5, 2018
Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.

Joining us now for more is former EPA chief Christine Todd Whitman. She served in the role under President George W. Bush. Welcome.

CHRISTINE TODD WHITMAN: Ailsa, glad to be with you.

By Jim Zarroli Jul 5, 2018

Updated at 5:32 a.m. ET Friday

In imposing tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese imports that took effect Friday, the Trump administration says it is hoping to strike a blow against long-standing abusive trade practices by the Beijing government.

But for now, the blows are threatening to land hardest on non-Chinese companies like New Jersey-based Snow Joe/Sun Joe.

By editor Jul 5, 2018
Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.
By editor Jul 5, 2018
Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.
By Elise Hu Jul 4, 2018

Fleeing war, more than 500 Yemenis arrived earlier this year in an unlikely place — a tiny South Korean resort island. They're hoping to be granted asylum so they can stay in South Korea, but as they wait on the island of Jeju, they've become the target of blistering backlash from South Koreans.

"I love Korea, really," Ebrahim Qaid says. He is one of 561 Yemenis who arrived on Jeju earlier this year through the island's policy of allowing most foreign nationals to enter without getting a visa in advance.

By Alice Fordham Jul 4, 2018
Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.
By Jeff Lunden Jul 4, 2018

It was 1968. But playwright Mart Crowley felt he had to write what he knew.

"Nobody wanted the play," Crowley says. "Not even agents wanted to look at this play. They just thought it was pornographic and it was outrageous."

What he wrote in was a thinly veiled slice of autobiographical fiction. A group of gay friends gather for a raucous birthday party; by the end of the evening, secrets are spilled, tears are shed.

Editor's note:

AmoonyFashion Womens Open Toe Zipper Blend Materials Solid High Heels Sandals Beige sSmg6aK81

Access to 300+ journals, for IFPRI and CGIAR Staff

Center for Communication Programs (CCP)

Resources from John Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

China Knowledge Resource Integrated Database

Mass digitization of China Knowledge resources, as well as creating the platform for global dissemination and value-added services.

Dr Comfort Mens Winner White Diabetic Athletic Shoes White y93BO9Ld

Scientific literature digital library that can be used to search for documents and for citations by title, author, and subject. Provided by theSchoolofInformation Sciencesand Technology,PennStateand NEC Research Institute.

Copac provides free access to the merged online catalogs of majorUKand Irish university research libraries, plus the British Library the National Library of Scotland.


The Harvard Dataverse Network is open to all scientific data from all disciplines worldwide. It includes the world's largest collection of social science research data

Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS)

Data from USAID's Demographic Health Surveys Program

DStory Custom Turquoise Zebra Stripes Womens Unusual Slip on Canvas Shoes Model 019 ZVNp8W1iU

Network of libraries for resource sharing.

Development Gateway

An interactive food security portal for information on development and povertyreduction.

Digital Library of the Commons

A gateway to the international literature on the commons, common-pool resources, and commonproperty.

EaseMax Womens Trendy Sequined Fringed Pointy Mid Chunky Heels DOrsay Pumps Pink Dx9TZF

EconLit™ with Full Text contains all of the indexing available in EconLit, plus full text for more than 560 journals, including theAmerican Economic Journals,Journal of Economic Perspectives (JEP),Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) andAmerican Economic Review (AER)


Search the world’s largest collection of online economics working papers, journal articles, andsoftware.

Essential Science Indicators

Merrell Womens Around Town Slip On Fashion Sneaker Brown Sugar zCMcY61T

The international guide to the academic world

Lucksender Womens Cowhide Leather LaceUp Driving Shoes Loafers Boat Shoes Yellow O4sRp

The web-based Information System on European Agricultural Research for Development (ARD). It gathers data on European ARD organizations, funding, projects, training, experts, news and events to portray a Global ARD Landscape, has two sub regions:

Food Fertilizer Technology Center (FFTC)

Access to technical publications on tropical agriculture, with an emphasis on low cost technology for small farms, focusing on the Asia Pacific Region

github rismart Women Soft Leather Pointed Toe Flat Oxfords Lightweight Casual Comfort Lace Up Shoes Pink SN02319 US8 dIfdZfElh

Multipart Form Post in C#

I recently had to access a web API through C Sharp that required a file upload. This is pretty easy if you have an HTML page with a form tag and you want a user to directly upload the file.

However, this is not always a reasonable path to take. Sometimes you may be wanting to access a file that is already in a system and you don’t want a new upload. If you are accessing an external API, this is probably always the case. Unfortunately, building this post using C# is not quite as straightforward. I first tried using the WebClient UploadFile method, but it didn’t fit my needs because I wanted to upload form values (id, filename, other API specific parameters) in addition to just a file.

So, I needed to roll my own form post. Here is the Multipart Form RFC and the FSJ Women Gorgeous Peep Toe Pumps Platform High Heels Club Party Shoes Size 415 US Inkscrawl A9OAiz
for multipart/form data. After reading these links and searching some Adidas Mens WM EQT Support 93/17 Future lNdFAa
, here is what I came up with.

Update: This post has gotten a great response from all the readers who have taken the time to comment and contribute. I'd like to take this opportunity to promote a DailyShoes Womens Canvas Mid Calf Tall Boots Casual Sneaker Punk Flat Fuchsia Boots Rose Red Lace XhSjD
, RestSharp. It supports file uploads based on code from this post (which can be seen on github ) and has a bunch of other features. I'd recommend reading the rest of the post to figure out what is going on behind the scenes, but you should consider using RestSharp instead for production.

Here is the code to call the MultipartFormDataPost function with multiple parameters, including a file.

Hopefully this code can help someone, figuring out exactly where to place the boundary and newlines in between form key-value pairs caused a little bit of grief during development. This is some functionality that would be really nice inside of the language library, but it seems like in most languages this is something you end up coding yourself.

Hi Brian, Would this work for uploads from a client machine to a remote server? I’ve been breaking my head trying to figure out how to make that happen. I’m building a c# web app. I need to upload the files in chunks, and it needs to be transmitted over http (uploading from client to remote cloud server via api). Using a fileupload won’t work, since these files are large (~ 10GB) and the delay between processing the file and hitting the server is way too long. I need to allow the user to type in a file location, hit upload, and stream the file in bytes one chunk at a time. Any suggestions??

Thank you.

belle and fabiim, For these situations, you could check out RestSharp: Qupid Womens Regent02 Loafer Flat White pgmJz6n56I
. Its file uploading was based off of this method, but has been extended with asynchronous support (see the ExecuteAsync function), and it might be what you are looking for.

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