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Knowledge-Action Networks

Future Earth’s Knowledge-Action Networks, alongside our projects, are the prime mechanism for delivering our research strategy. They are the essential links to our key focal challenges .

Knowledge-Action Networks are collaborative frameworks that facilitate highly integrative sustainability research. Their aim is to generate the multifaceted knowledge needed to inform solutions for complex societal issues.

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Knowledge-Action Networks build on the broad range and diversity of specialist expertise represented in the large community of researchers and practitioners associated with Future Earth, e.g. in Auditions Sprint Womens Sandal Denim cbiPeYQ
, Fast-Tack Initiatives and Clusters , and endorsed and associated organisations, projects, and individuals that are part of the Future Earth Open Network.

The objectives of the Knowledge-Action Networks are to:

Contributions to Knowledge-Action Networks are on a voluntary basis through members, projects or groups with the appropriate expertise and an interest in putting their expertise into the broader context of sustainability research addressed by Future Earth.

What is the scope of the Knowledge-Action Networks?

Knowledge-Action Networks foster collaboration across disciplinary backgrounds on some of today’s most pressing global environmental challenges. Knowledge-Action Networks focus on key societal challenges as outlined in the Future Earth 2025 Vision , as well as cross-cutting topics.

We are now launching and developing Knowledge-Action Networks on the following topics:

Further Knowledge-Action Networks will be developed and launched to complement this first set.

Why has Future Earth decided to build Knowledge-Action Networks?

The Future Earth 2025 Vision identifies eight major societal challenges to sustainability. It also emphasises how greater interactions among disciplines and between research and societal partners, in both public and private sectors and civil society, can improve the role of research to identify solutions for societal challenges.

Knowledge-Action Networks aim to facilitate this by creating frameworks for applying these approaches both to research and to related activities that encourage engagement between diverse partners in addressing these challenges. These dynamic networks will be innovative: aiming to identify and fill knowledge gaps that are defined collaboratively by broad communities of experts within and outside of academia.

Consistent with Future Earth’s slogan “research for global sustainability,” the main function of Knowledge-Action Networks is to generate high-quality actionable scientific knowledge through the integration of research and the involvement of societal partners, following the Engagement Guidelines of Future Earth.

How will Knowledge-Action Networks work?

Knowledge-Action Networks aim to generate knowledge by pulling from many areas of both academia and society. They involve fundamental research, integration of natural and social sciences and humanities, co-designed research questions with users, co-produced outcomes, and broader engagement activities through state-of-the-art communications, dialogues and involvement at policy interfaces. The co-design process ensures that the Knowledge-Action Networks deliver the knowledge that society needs.

Knowledge-Action Networks build on the large and diverse specialist expertise represented in the Future Earth community, in particular concerning FRYE Mens Officer Oxford Camo Y6RSt
, Fast-Track-Initiatives , Gentle Souls Womens Rory Slip On Mule With Tassel Sneaker Red 9lveARRDh
and the Future Earth Open Network .

They are led and managed by a steering group, with the support of designated representatives of the Future Earth Secretariat.

In the early stages, the Future Earth Secretariat will support Knowledge-Action Network teams to obtain seed funding to support co-design processes through virtual and physical co-design workshops. Later on, the bulk of the required additional funds will be leveraged from external sources, such as public-sector funds and private foundations.

How to get involved in Future Earth Knowledge-Action Networks?

Knowledge-Action Networks are set up to be open and inclusive. Any interested researcher or societal partner is welcome to get in touch with the respective contact of the specific Knowledge-Action Network or to join the soon-to-be launched Open Network.

Click here to access our full guidance document " Knowledge-Action Networks: Framing and Operationalisation ".

identify and respond to society’s needs

Construction Update June 28 2018

Posted by Cameron Hilker on June 28, 2018 [ Globe Womens Castro SlipOn Khaki/Leaf X7pNWg

June is almost over, and our new shop is moving along very nicely! Keep reading to see a little more of what has been accomplished so far downstairs.

to read the full entry | Separate page

First, take a look at the new Print Party room. It is getting very close to completion. Everyone has been working hard on getting the new table up in addition to the beautiful new ceiling and lighting.

For this room, we just need to lay the Japanese tatami flooring and finish up the table for the break corner. That table will house the drinks and snacks for our Print Party participants. The customers get to eat and take a short break while staff prepare the last block.

The browser bins are temporarily in the Print Party room, as you can see on the right. These shelves will be the new home for the majority of our prints in the shop after we relocate them into the main room.

Speaking of the main room, take a look at the beautiful new shop counter with LED lighting, and gorgeous wooden paneling. This place is getting more and more attractive each day.

The new shop is coming together very nicely. David Bull may best be known for his woodblock carving, but he's also skilled at working with power tools. Here he is using a router (not the wi-fi kind!) to prepare wood for the aforementioned Print Party break area table.

The first floor shop is really coming along, but one thing in this room is still missing—the flooring! The plan is to lay it down in the next few days, and then do the finishing touches and arrangements around the shop. Then we will move everything downstairs, and we hope to be operating in the new shop in the next few weeks. We're getting excited, and we look forward to seeing you in our new space!

Share Certificate Ships!

Posted by Dave Bull on June 14, 2018 [ Permalink ]

The Share Certificates are shipping!

All the component parts are finally in place, and the initial group of Share Certificates are leaving the building today ... heading out to countries all over the world.

to read the full entry | Separate page | Comments [4]

Regular watchers of our Twitch stream knew this was happening, because they saw the printing happening last Monday:

They didn't see the next step, which was to pass the woodblock-printed sheets over to Cameron, who ran them through our new ink-jet printer to pick up the background of the certificate image ...

I then took the finished certificates back to my desk, and on yesterday's stream did the signing, numbering and dating of each one ...

And here they are (were ...)

That stack has now been packed safely into strong envelopes, and they are on the way!

Thank you again to all the supporters who have taken part in the Patreon over the past year ... it has helped !

Print Party video!

Posted by Dave Bull on May 29, 2018 [ Permalink ]

By Yelp’s own admission, they have filtered out 25% of all reviews. They say that they don’t weigh negative reviews or positive reviews higher, but the jury is out on that one. It does seem to be geared toward hiding more positive than negative reviews. Without a much larger sample size, we have no way to prove that at this point.

Several class action law suits have failed to win against yelp since they cannot prove that Yelp is manually changing reviews in exchange for advertising revenue. That doesn’t mean it’s not true, it just means no one has been able to prove it.

In our experience, reviewers who are local, have established profiles with other reviews of businesses in the same area and talk about a realistic experience do seem to get posted more often.

However, this does not mean fake reviews don’t get left up. It happens ALL THE TIME. There are very few TOS violations you can use to try to have them removed. Illegal actions, full names (first names don’t count anymore) or attacking employees or owners based on race, sex or other biases can be all grounds for TOS removal.

That said, asking happy customers to review you online consistently can have an effect on your reviews. Be wary of having them do it “in store” as they could be on your wifi and make it seem like people are using a “review station” which will get them flagged. Getting a consistent flow of positive reviews will galvanize your reputation against the negative ones.

If you are having an issue with fake reviews, I suggest that you flag them and have others do the same. This may encourage Yelp to remove them, but it doesn’t guarantee it.

Carolbar Chic Womens Bows Beaded Assorted Colors Elegance Chunky Mid Heel Dress Pumps Shoes Gold M1Uz1UUK
Abby L88 Womens Unique Wedding Bride Bridesmaid Party Show Dress Cone Heel Microfiber Sandals Silver zCgEdBYqB

Matt, do you have any source or any other info about the full name of the employee for TOS removal? I think that seems unfair and I don’t think minimum wage employees should be vulnerable to this type of infamy. Thank you so much for your post and for working through the comments section.

Cole Haan Mens 2 Zerogrand Plain Toe Oxford Black Leatherivory aKcohP
Egg Egg Usa Connecticut Flag Womens Mens Loafers Running Shoes Breathable Mesh Outdoor Sport Walking Shoes White TBeqOe

Finally found something useful to read and implement after hours of searching. I am really frustrated with the fake reviews posted by my competitor next door (I know it because he told me so) and that is why I had to consult an ORM company to work in the same direction. Their work was undoubtedly satisfactory and they are looking for suppressing more in future. But these easy to follow steps have nailed it, so I would do it on my own from now onwards. The ORM company may look into other matters, but I will take this matter in my own hands.


Glad we could help. Sorry for the late reply, we had an issue with our comment spam blocker, but it’s fixed now! We are working on a book called Help with Yelp right now also.

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